How to Use This Guide

This online guide, for the most part, is self-explanatory; however, a few words about the general format might be useful.

Highlights: Qualities or features that make the route interesting or worthwhile.

Distance: These are approximations, give or take a mile or two; however, for now you won’t find any expedition-length paddles or pedals on the site. Most of the biking and kayaking routes are 6-8 miles for each leg.  

Difficulty: We go into quite a bit of detail if we think a route is particularly challenging. However, difficultly ratings are almost always a judgement call—what one finds easy, another person might call difficult (and vice versa), so it’s important to know your own abilities.

Location: Because of the prevalence of GPS, this section only includes brief directions on how to find the put-in and takeout, along with parking and whether to begin with the paddle or pedal first (it usually doesn’t matter but there are a few routes where it’s important). Before heading out, it’s always a good idea to consult a map and/or GPS.

Route finding: Here you’ll find miscellaneous hints on what to look for on the trail, if the biking route differs from the drive, or anything that might be confusing or pose a problem. 

Maps and Sites: Links to classic, handmade PDF maps (no Google necessary!) and, occasionally, other useful maps or websites.

One last thing, keep in mind that trail conditions, whether on water or ground, can change quickly and that this website in an informal guide, intended to be an introduction, not a detailed guide*, to the biyaking opportunities in Northern Lower Michigan. Northern Michigan Biyaking does not take responsibility for any injury caused by kayaking or biking. Users of this site are at their own risk. Enough said. Now get out there and explore!

*If you are looking for detail about Michigan’s rivers, I recommend Canoeing Michigan Rivers: A Comprehensive Guide to 45 Rivers. Also check out these sites:

Biking & Kayaking Across Northern Michigan

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